• One Click Collection Overview with per collector percentages or totals

  • IRS 8300 Report with letter and IRS form populated and printed automatically

  • One click Daily Period End with reports generated for balancing/security

  • Multi-Company/Lot access…employee’s access to SS# or lot can be controlled

  • Metro2 for reporting both good/bad credit-edit & view before reporting

  • Dealer Customizable Credit Scoring aides in selling to certain market/customers

  • Multi Task…Enter Inventory, Take a payment, Work  Collections  & Sale a car

  • Related Finance Company …transfer notes from Car Lot  without re-entering info

  • LASER GENERATED…View before printing…save to file…Reports, Receipts &  TX Deal/ Sales Forms.…Pay as you print Contracts… no more alignment!

 Inventory w Repair


  • VIN Decoder helps prevent YR data error…translates Yr, Make, Model, etc.

  • Four (4) User Defined Fields…use for GPS #’s and etc. also memo field

  • Photos for vehicle which can be used on Dealer website

  • Enter 2 sales prices w/2  downs giving salesman high/low sales price range

  • Hide/Display cost allowing salesman to show inventory from computer

  • Add/Edit unlimited repairs breaking out labor, parts, sales tax and mark paid

  • One Line Reports Print/View License Report, Repair List, etc.

  • Track Floor Plan…who, date, amt, %rate, Chk#, date paid & view report w/days


  • Enter previous customer’s SS#  address,  phone# is auto populated w/old stck#

  • Unlimited references w/notes, date verified, by whom…Update in collections.

  • Detailed Co-buyer info same as buyer…employment, credit scoring, etc.

  • Cash price roll back calculations…deal recap sheet with back/front end profit

  • Track third party contracts both collected and uncollected

  • Move customer from vehicle to vehicle with one click from quick quote screen

  • Allows for two…Trade In Info and Salesman

  • Credit Life, Gap,  Disability Ins., calculations, Warranty and Other Fees allowed

  • View salesman notes from Deals in Process screen explaining status of deal

  • Enter/track Insurance- agent, company policy# w/date expired/cancelled in RED

  • Ability to adjust late charge on individual account…based on employee security


  • Import Word documents easily & change font and margins.

  • Sent Letters to group or individual shown on Ledger Card w/date & letter name

  • Create/modify letters using variables displayed with explanation

  • Templates…Repo Letters, Spanish Delinquent, etc.

Pymnt wAC


  • Add Unlimited Addtl Chrgs with separate payment amts, dates & descriptions

  • One click reversal of payment, write off or Addtl Chrg…security needed

  • Cancelled or Expired Insurance date displayed in Red

  • Promise to Pay date & $$ displayed in Red and easy to reverse if not made

  • Four (4)  User Defined Fields separate from Inventory for tracking info

  • View ALL of customer’s accts with delinq amts in Red  from AR & Collections

  • Print payment coupons, payment list and/or amortization schedule

  • Displayed in RED…Message Line, On Repo, Warning Flag, etc.

  • Quote payoff recorded on Ledger Card w/date & amount

  • With one click run list of ALL payments due today

  • Reprint Payment  Receipts


  • View/Update & Take a payment on ALL of customers accts from one screen

  • Call Back Reminder message pop up when assigned date/time arrives

…Call Back displayed until worked w/stock#, name &, time

  • Pull new credit report or Print/View previously ran report

  • From one screen…Add msg, call back, send delq letter, view/run new bureau, etc.

  • Move from route to route or take a call and work a single account

  • Create/Manage routes easily…print delq acct list at time of route creation

  • Create collection routes by day’s delinq, alpha, tatus, location, salesman & etc

  • Monitor collectors time spent on each acct thru on screen display/access to routes


  • Many one line reports without extract…Onscreen View or Print.

  • Original DOS Reports included for easier transition also Write Off & Extension

  • Create export file for use in Excel, etc.



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